my 24th birthday.

I’m winding down from an amazing long weekend visiting my parents in South Carolina (a related post is nigh!), and I’m gearing up for birthday celebrations tonight with cupcakes, champagne and a few of my dear lady friends.

Birthday Cupcakes

In honor of the 24th year of my life, here are 24 serious and silly things that I am absolutely thankful for. I’m sure I’ve missed a few important things, but that happens when you get old.

24 Thing I am Thankful For:

  1. My parents, who have in some large or small way made all of the next 23 things possible and who believe in me and love me no matter what.
  2. Jeff, my very best friend and the most amazing person I know. You make me want to be a better person and you’re the best sous chef in the world. I love you!
  3. My friends: there are those who’ve been around forever, those who weave in and out and those who are new to my life. I love and cherish you all and the happiness and support you give me is indescribable!
  4. Hank! He is often the best and brightest part of my day! Rescue, rescue, rescue – you’ll never have an animal who loves you more.
  5. My job – I can’t believe I’ve been here for well over a year, doing what I love and constantly learning about the industry and myself along the way.
  6. My health – what an amazing thing to have. Here’s to taking care of myself in years to come!
  7. Being debt free, including from student loans. (*see #1)
  8. My love of cooking. I’m lucky to have found this passion amidst the burgeoning food culture – from growing to cooking to dining out, there is an endless supply of learning to do about something I enjoy so much.
  9. Geoffrey Graybeal, who falls into #3, but was also the mentor who assigned blogging which led to Cody Uncorked. You da best, Graybs.
  10. The Internet!!!!!!!! So many reasons, so little time. Here are just a few: Twitter, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, WordPress, Gmail, Google (I had a custom birthday homepage today, y’all!!!), Facebook, ATIAC
  11. Cheese.
  12. The right to vote. Exercise it.
  13. My iPhone. Seriously! Even though my screen cracked just days short of owning it for 2 years with absolutely zero damage, it has been a lifesaver and the best kind of timewaster.
  14. Lavender – the smell, the color, the taste… I can’t get enough.
  15. My education! Wow, it was weird to realize that my 17 years of uninterrupted, organized learning came to an end. Then it dawned on me that learning is never finished, that education is a lifelong process and that I know about .00000000001% of things there are to know.
  16. The Georgia Bulldogs!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Lauren Rose Clark – you’ve guided me through 5 years of hair mishaps and always provide an invaluable form of therapy with your amazing listening skills. See you in November!
  18. If you need a laugh, a cry, a tutorial for eyeliner or just a different perspective on life, visit this site right now. It is an amazing collection of stories and opinions from women (and men!) experiencing various stages of crazy, and I love it.
  19. Bacon. Especially from Pine Street Market.
  20. Instagram. If you don’t want to see pictures of food and Hank, don’t even bother looking me up.
  21. Brunch – one of few widely accepted reasons to drink champagne in the morning!
  22. This video, which is how I think EVERYONE should start the day. The world would be a better place!
  23. Going back, again, to #1: my mom, who has lovingly reminded me to tackle stressful situations one task at a time and to always take care of my teeth.
  24. You, dear readers! Your clicks and your likes and your comments and your kind words in person are like little shooting stars reminding why I love to share my life with you via Cody Uncorked!

Sending warm and glowy birthday love,

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  1. Hope you had a great birthday and I can’t wait to share your presents with you (and you will have 2 new inspirations for posts)!

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