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Hiiiiii! Today I’m kicking off something new. It’s a week-long series centered around…tomatoes!IMG_9492

Throughout the next week, I’ll be sharing EIGHT recipes for those deliciously ripe + flavorful end-of-summer tomatoes.

The recipes will include some things you’re probably familiar with and some you’ve never had before. They will be a good mix of easy and intermediate, which means you have a chance to try new things and experiment a little in your own kitchens.IMG_9454

All of the photos in this post are of the tomatoes we bought to make the recipes for the series. Even if you don’t make any of the recipes at home, I hope you enjoy the images I share throughout the week. This truly was a labor of love!

To me, tomatoes are the epitome of summer. Their arrival at farmers markets notes the beginning of my favorite food season. I love seeing all of the beautiful colors and varieties and finding new ways to use them and do them justice in my kitchen.IMG_9460

The best place to find local tomatoes is at your favorite farmers market. In Atlanta on a Saturday morning, you can find us at Peachtree Road, Morningside, Brookhaven or Freedom. On Sundays, Grant Park is where it’s at.

I highly recommend doing a little digging to find your local market. You’ll support farmers and meet new people, plus you’ll be able to find out a little more about the items you’re buying and the story behind them.IMG_9458



Obviously, one of the best ways to enjoy a ripe tomato is sliced fresh with salt and pepper… Especially when the tomato is the size of your head! That’s a meal in and of itself.

You can also make a tomato sandwich with white bread and a little bit of mayo. It’s the perfect way to bring out the delicious, acidic flavor in a big, fat, heirloom tomato.

With this series, I’ll be giving you eight other ways to enjoy the perfect August, vine-ripened tomato, including dishes that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. IMG_9448

I hope you’ll follow along with this series. I think you’ll love the recipes I share! I can  promise you this…there will be a ton of tomatoes involved!!

Check back soon for the first recipe and follow along on Instagram using #cutomatoweek!


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