summer highlights.

We are over a week into fall, and people are starting to feel it. My social media feeds have been overwhelmed with people decorating, cooking and bundling up for the new season and colder weather. As I type, it is 43 degrees outside in Atlanta, Ga.

So, I figured this morning I would take a look back at some of the food highlights of the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I am so, SO excited for hearty soups, curling up under blankets and drinking spiced apple cider. However, I am going to miss all of the fresh, vibrant  fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market, grilling on the deck and packing picnics to bring to the park.

Homemade watermelon margaritas - so refreshing on a hot day!
Okra from the farmer's market.
There is nothing like a ripe, juicy Georgia peach. These are from the Norcross Patch project I worked on with some friends.
More farmer's market fare. These made a delicious tomato tart alongside roasted asparagus.
More okra... but look at these things! They were from the Decatur farmer's market and especially delicious hot off the grill.
There is something about grilling avocados that makes them extra flavorful in guacamole or sliced with a dash of salt and lime juice.
This was a special batch of sangria for the Fourth of July.
Peach and blackberry pie (made by Jeff's father, Richard). Yum!
And once more, the thing I will miss the most as summer truly ends. Fresh sliced tomatoes.

Tell me, what will you miss the most about summer?



  1. definitely tomatoes and sweet corn! thanks for the idea to grill avocados for guacamole, i’ve never seen that and can’t wait to try it.

    1. ahh – forgot about sweet corn – yum! you’re welcome about the avocados. it really does enhance the flavor with a nice smokiness. i would love to hear about it if you try it! :)

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