sriracha salt.

Soooooo, this post is going to be a stroll down memory lane, as the photos are from 11 months ago! Better late than never and don’t worry – the end product does not disappoint.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may (if you have the memory of an elephant) remember this post from the day we conducted the following experiment.

sriracha salt - Cody Uncorked

With instructions from Zandi at Radical Possibility and more than a glimmer of doubt in our minds, we mixed salt with the spicy sauce of the Gods, put the mixture in the oven to dry out low and slow, and waited to see what would happen.

sriracha salt - Cody Uncorked

The result was nothing short of glorious. Salt! That tastes like sriracha!

sriracha salt - Cody Uncorked

Once completely cooled, we put the salt in cute little jars and labeled them for gifting/trading. You could really use it on anything – it’s the perfect way to finish off any dish with a little bit of heat.

I think these would make a thoughtful hostess gift, a great favor, or an easy just-because project.

sriracha salt - Cody Uncorked

Get instructions from Zandi here – ours took a bit more time then her recipe indicates, but then again, we also tripled the amounts.

Happy experimenting!


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  1. Cannot WAIT to try this out!! #allsrirachaeverything

  2. Where is my jar? Love mom

  3. Let’s make these again! I feel another food swap coming on

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