one delicious combination.

This is absolutely not an original combination. It’s all over Pinterest (just check out the search results for “peanut butter nutella“) and countless people have tried countless ways of combining these two ingredients into something delectable.

I love peanut butter. I love it in cookies, ice creams, on sandwiches, in cakes and pies and on bananas… the ways I like to enjoy peanut butter are endless. I even made homemade dog treats with it!

I also love Nutella. Not in the crazed, obsessive and all-encompassing way that some people do, but I really like the chocolatey and hazelnutty goodness in a jar.  I’ve used it in stuffed french toast, in cookies (with peanut butter, obviously! check out this recipe from Delightful Bitefuls), and I’ve spread it on all kinds of fruit.

Last night, however, I simply went to the drawer, got a spoon and scooped up both spreadable delights side-by-side. That one spoonful was sweet, salty and just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I’m not ashamed… I was simply following in the footsteps of the Nanny Named Fran’s mom, Sylvia. I needed my chocolate-hazelnut-peanut butter medicine and I needed it STAT.

What’s your spoonful of guilty pleasure?

Happy Friday!