oatmeal chocolate chip cookies + an epic #fail.

Y’all. I have been trying to think of ways to really shake things up and bring you something you’re not used to on Cody Uncorked.

I thought, “Why don’t I do a quick video to accompany these delicious cookies?!” What an easy way to show more of my weirdness personality and give you visuals for these incredible, fool-proof bites of Heaven.

Thennnnn I played back the video. Woof.

I’m still going to work on this idea, but I’m going to need some time before any of you will be hearing/watching me in the kitchen. It was a train wreck! I did, however, get a mid-sentence still shot of the video for your cruel, cruel entertainment.

ANYWAY! These cookies by How Sweet It Is are the best.* They’re not too oatmeal-y, they are made using only one bowl, and they’re sooo easy to customize. You probably have everything you need sitting in your pantry right this minute.

So, the next time you’re in a baking mood and craving something sweet, look up this recipe on HowSweetEats.com. It will not disappoint. The trick is in refrigerating the cookie dough! This ensures a  soft, chewy cookie. Every time.

I made this batch with mini chocolate chips and served them warm out of the oven with coffee ice cream. Next time I’ll probably let them cool and make them into little cookie + ice cream sandwiches. Omg.

Let me know what you think!

Lights, camera, action,

*Pretty much everything on How Sweet It Is is the best. Seriously!


  1. I say give u your own show!

      1. I will be the go to cameraman anytime! On one condition: I get to taste test any dough you make along the way.

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