national margarita day.

Did you know there is an entire day each year dedicated to margaritas? It’s February 22, and it’s also officially my new favorite day ever.

We celebrated this year by building our own steak tacos and sipping on homemade grapefruit margaritas.

Cody, Uncorked - grapefruit margarita

We based our recipe for the margaritas off of one from Confections of a Foodie Bride, adding a fresh slice of jalapeño to each for a little kick.

Cody, Uncorked - taco toppings

We cut each taco ingredient and put them in little bowls/jars to serve.

Cody, Uncorked - build your own tacos

It was almost like a build your own taco bar, which would be SO fun for parties!

Cody, Uncorked - steak tacos

The tacos were amazing and the margaritas were some of the best we’ve ever had. I would recommend always making them from scratch – store-bought mixes typically contain TONS of sugar and not a whole lot of real citrus juice. Yuck! I also recommend buying quality tequila – you’ll be happy when you’re drinking your margs and even happier the next day. :)


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  1. Loved the post. My mouth started watering!

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