insta-Tuesday, baking cart.

Hi there. Prepare yourself for a very long insta-Tuesday post!

Something I love, but also despise, is getting organized in a new space after moving. One of the first areas I address is the kitchen. Having everything in a functional place is key to smooth sailing while cooking.

In our new house there is less cabinet space than we’re used to and no pantry. I repeat, No. Pantry.

Instead, we’re using a closet in the dining room as a pantry, adding shelving from Ikea and few different organizational pieces to house pots, pans and other kitchen tools. So far it’s really great. However, when it comes to baking there are always a million little boxes, containers and tools needed – making what should be one easy trip to the storage pantry turn into a several trips with armloads of supplies.

To remedy the issue, we purchased a cart from Ikea. Since it’s on casters and the middle shelf if adjustable, it’s easy to fit key baking ingredients and tools and wheel them in and out of the kitchen.

Baking Cart - Cody Uncorked.

What do you think? Is this something you would use? I made pie crust last night so that we can bring these to our new neighbors.


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  1. Great idea and use of space. Love Mom

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