homemade marshmallows

homemade marshmallows | Cody Uncorked

So, the high today in Atlanta is 36 degrees and the low is 12. Sheeeeeeeeesh!

Luckily, two posts ago I shared an easy recipe for homemade hot cocoa mix, and today I’m sharing the perfect accompaniment: homemade fluffy marshmallows.

homemade marshmallows | Cody Uncorked

Making marshmallows was on my cooking bucket list. I don’t love the store-bought versions – they always seem to taste too chemically to me and are full of crazy ingredients!

Plus, Pinterest is laden with dreamy, fluffy, white and bright pictures of homemade marshmallows…taking on the challenge was too hard to resist.

homemade marshmallows | Cody Uncorked

So, after scouring the dregs of the Interwebs to find the best, easiest-to-follow recipe, I knocked homemade marshmallows off my list. The verdict? If you love ‘mallows and you want huge, cloud-like cubes that melt into your hot chocolate like sweet whipped air, I recommend trying it at least once!

The recipe I found to be the most thorough was from The Clever Carrot. Emilie’s version does not contain corn syrup and does contain tons of great tips and tricks to guide you through the process.

The one thing I missed when I set out on my marshmallow-making adventure? The tray has to set for at least 8 hours before you can cut the whipped filling into individual pieces. Don’t forget to plan for the tortuous wait.

homemade marshmallows | Cody Uncorked

Despite the high praise (they really do taste amazing and the texture is to die for), I have to be honest with you: making marshmallows is a sticky, powdery, messy process. And total transparency? I probably won’t make them again unless it’s for a very special occasion. While the end product was perfectly fluffy and lovely, the juice – to me – wasn’t worth the squeeze.

They sure make pretty pictures though, don’t they?

homemade marshmallows | Cody Uncorked

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  1. These were too good. I will find a way to convince you to make these again (at least for me!).

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