grilled korean bbq wings.

grilled koran bbq wings | Cody Uncorked.

I love fall – it’s my absolute favorite season for so many reasons. But y’all, it’s still SUMMER! Why are fall clothes being put on display? Pretty soon we’re going to look up and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING will be invading our lives and our Pinterest boards.

AHH! I’m so not ready yet. To make the transition a little easier, I wanted to share a great recipe for both summer and fall – great for backyard cookout and tailgates alike.

When we made this recipe, Hank was so excited he jumped up on the table to see if we left any behind for him:

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We didn’t – A) because it would be way too flavorful for his sensitive little tummy and B) they were soooo good that we didn’t even leave one drip of sauce or piece of meat behind!

These wings are jam-packed full of sweet and savory flavor and can be made as spicy (or mild) as you’d like. They’re also a bit healthier than the fried version you’d pick up at most restaurants. Because you sear the meat on the grill, it locks in all of the juiciness, leaving crispy, tender wings that are anything but dry inside.

Instead of panicking about the speed at which time is passing, or feeling sad about another summer come and (almost) gone, make these wings to enjoy every last bit of summer and to ease into fall. They’re great as an appetizer for a small group or as a meal for two.

grilled koran bbq wings | Cody Uncorked.

Grilled Korean BBQ Wings

2 lbs chicken wings, separated with tips removed
16 oz Korean BBQ sauce
Sriracha (optional)
Fresh ginger, grated (optional)
Cilantro, roughly chopped (optional)
Ranch dressing or other creamy sauce for dipping (optional)
2 quart- or 1 gallon-sized Ziploc bags
lots of napkins

The night before you want to make your wings, separate the wingettes from the drumsticks and discarding the tips. Place the wingettes and the drumsticks into your bag(s), then pour enough of the mardinade to cover all of the chicken. You should end up using about half of the marinade in the bottle. (This is when you’ll need patience.)

The next morning, be sure to move the chicken around in each bag and gently massage (gross, sorry) to make sure the marinade is getting all up in there.

When you’re ready to grill your wings, cover the grates of your grill with heavy duty foil to trap in all the delicious flavor. Next, heat your grill to 450-500 degrees. While it’s heating, remove the wings from the bag(s) and shake off the excess marinade. Discard the liquid.
Pour the remaining marinade from the bottle into a medium saucepan. Add whatever extra flavoring you’d like: we added fresh grated ginger, sriracha and minced garlic.

Once the grill is nice and hot, place the wings on the foil with a bit of space between each so they get nice and crispy. Grill on one side for at least 5 minutes, or until the skin is crisp, then flip to the other side. This is when you’ll want to start basting with the remaining reduced marinade – brush it on the chicken while the other side cooks, then flip and brush it on again. Cook until the internal temp of the chicken reached 165 degrees, the skin is crisp and the sauce is thick and coated on each wing.

Serve hot with extra sriracha, cilantro and some sort of creamy sauce for dipping. (A link to some great dressing recipes – including ranch – here!) You’ll also want to make sure and have all those napkins on hand!

grilled koran bbq wings | Cody Uncorked.


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