insta-Tuesday, Grady’s Cold Brew.

I love coffee – I really do. But in the summer, I can’t bear to drink anything hot. Just the thought makes me sweat.

I’ve shown you the greatest trick for iced coffee ever, and there are so many awesome recipes for making iced coffee at home. However, when you’re in a pinch, there are several companies that make their very own cold-brew concentrate perfect for serving over ice.

I recently tried Grady’s Cold Brew at my company’s HQ in New York City. It came in these dark, heavy glass jars and had all the boldness of regular coffee but without the bitter taste. I mixed mine with a bit of water and a splash of half and half.

Grady's Cold Brew - Cody Uncorked.

It was amazing and SO refreshing in the sultry, 90-something-degree, trapped-by-glass-and-concrete heat.

Have you had any cold-brew coffee lately? Do you have secrets to making iced coffee at home? Spill the beans! (Ha?)


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  1. Nice. Spill the beans!

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