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This is definitely a departure from my usual post, but if you’re planning to take your cooking, eating and drinking outdoors this summer, then this little project is totally for you.

Mosquitoes… How can something so tiny totally ruin an outdoor experience?

The next time you drink a bottle of wine, save the bottle and remove the labels. Next, purchase the four items below (available at most hardware stores – example links included below) and you’ll be well on your way to owning a mosquito-repelling porch torch.

DIY wine bottle tiki torch | Cody Uncorked.

1/2″ washer
tiki wick
white aquarium gravel
tiki torch fluid with citronella
empty wine bottle, labels removed


  • Start by filling your wine bottle halfway with the aquarium gravel. Use your wick as a guide – hold it up to the bottle with about 1″ of wick extending out of the top of the bottle. Fill the gravel up to where the bottom of the wick will hit.
  • Fill the bottle up to the neck with fuel, then feed 1″ of the wick through the washer. Place the wick into the bottle and allow the fuel to soak up into the wick for about one hour.
  • Light your homemade tiki torch and bask in its mosquito-less glow.


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