ramen zoodles in a jar


ramen zoodles in a jar | Cody Uncorked

If you’ve read about these make-ahead breakfast sandwiches or my peanut butter overnight oats, you know I love the option to make things ahead of time. 

There’s just something about being able to prep a meal in advance so that it’s right at your fingertips and super easy to prepare (without feeling like you’re just eating leftovers).

These ramen zoodles in a jar are insanely easy and incredibly fresh and delicious. All you do is cut up your veggies, throw them in a jar with some flavor boosters, then refrigerate until you’re ready to eat! The broth concentrate (more on that below), ensures that your soup will be flavorful and rich and hearty with the simple addition of hot water.

Another great thing? You can (and should) slurp this straight outta the jar, which means there’s no mess or fuss with dishes once you’re done. Amazing!

Ramen Zoodles in a Jar

[ONE] start with a clean, pint-sized mason jar – you can get these at any grocery store or even hardware stores!

[TWO] y’all, I am officially O B S E S S E D with concentrated chicken broth and this Kitchen Accomplice brand is my current favorite. you’ll need enough to make 1 cup (2 tablespoons of this made super rich broth and is both low sodium and gluten free)

[THREE] add tamari (a type of soy sauce with little to no wheat) or soy sauce – about 1 teaspoon

[FOUR] spice things up with your preferred amount of sriracha…I used about a tablespoon (or maybe a little more!)

[FIVE-SEVEN] use whatever veggies you’d like, but I added julienned bell pepper, green onion and sliced jalapeños (mushrooms would be nice, fresh cilantro, whatever you like)

[EIGHT] add a big ol’ handful of spiralized zucchini noodles – blade 1 was perfect for skinny noodles

[NINE] top with lime wedges, which you’ll need to remove before adding hot water!

[OPTIONAL] when you’re layering in the veg, add some shredded chicken, sliced steak or grilled shrimp

[INSTRUCTIONS] layer your ingredients in your jar, then screw on the lid. refrigerate up to 3 days. when you’re ready to eat, simply add hot water (reserving your lime slices). I used the coffee maker at work, but you could also microwave your water before adding, if needed. add water until noodles are covered, squirt in the like, replace the lid and shake gently. YUM!


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