how to get excited for salad.

summertime chopped salad - Cody Uncorked.

One of my favorite things about planning meals for the week ahead is that I have all day to look forward to whatever is on the calendar for that night. Seriously y’all…even right after I’ve eaten breakfast, I’m thinking about lunch and what’s gonna be for dinner. #notashamed

The weird thing is – every time a salad is on the schedule, I struggle to get excited for it. By the end of the day I’m usually ready to throw in the towel and change the plan for the night to something that sounds a little more exciting.

The good news is, I have three super easy ways to make your salad the best thing you’ve had all week. Do these and next thing you know, you’ll be chatting up your cubicle mate about the amazing salad you’re about to have for dinner and he/she will look at you like you’re crazy. It’ll be great.

  1. Using colorful toppings – the more color you add to your salad, the better it will look (and taste – it’s a proven fact!). You don’t have to use veggies you don’t like, but try and get creative. I never thought I would like blueberries on a salad until I tried it.
  2. Make a homemade dressing – making your own salad dressing is easy and way healthier! All you need is some fat – like olive oil, plus acidity – like vinegar or citrus juice, and seasoning – salt, pepper, fresh herbs, etc. You’ll be shocked at how bright and delicious homemade dressings taste when compared to store-bought. (See 5 basic salad dressing recipes here and some fancy recipes if you’ve already delved into DIY dressings)
  3. Toss it all together – Every salad should be a tossed salad. End of story. I haaaaaate when it’s impossible to get everything (in a salad, a burger, a wrap, you name it) in one bite. I want all my flavors to mingle, especially when it comes to salad. To do this, measure out enough lettuce and toppings for however many people are eating, then put everything in a large bowl and toss it all together. Do this right before eating, especially the dressing which, if it sits, can make the salad/toppings soggy. 

summertime chopped salad - Cody Uncorked.

One of my favorite salads for this time of year is this Summertime Chopped Salad by Jessica from How Sweet It Is. It has BACON and CHEESE and AVOCADO so you know it’s legit.

summertime chopped salad - Cody Uncorked.

Happy salad-ing!


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  1. Cody, I totally agree about salads though I always get excited about a really good salad for lunch. I find that it helps to have a salad recipe with tons of flavor versus just trying to get pumped about a random mix of ingredients. Homemade salad dressing is essential!

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