national pasta day.

Apologies up front to the celiacs, paleo dieters and carb avoiders, but…



Pasta, to me, is the universal dish for serving large groups, people who are celebrating, people who need comfort, and people who are just plain hungry. There are unlimited ways to serve it, accompany it and make it completely your own. It can take 20 steps and just as many hours to prepare, or it can take two steps and as long as it takes to boil a noodle.

A few nights ago, I made this soup using some cheese tortellini along with:

  • all the half-finished bags of frozen veggies lurking in my freezer (fajita mix, okra, peas, etc.)
  • some limp carrots and celery in my “crisper drawer”  (psh) literally dying to be used
  • chicken broth (you should always have this on hand!)
  • a can of diced tomatoes

It was so easy and was absolutely delicious.

A pasta dish I’m looking forward to trying out is this Butternut Squash Shells and Cheese Skillet from How Sweet Eats.

Are you going to celebrate National Pasta Day? What’s your favorite pasta dish to make? To serve to large groups? A penne for your thoughts!

Until next time,

One response to “national pasta day.

  1. Homemade sauces and soups that you make are the key to having these delicious pasta dishes!

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